Special Services and Reporting

Special Services and Reporting that entail specialization according to costumers requirement


This service refers for our customers corporate governance oriented issues that require special expertise. Our experts always ready to produce and offer efficient solution and services that listed below.

Business Valuation Service

This service targets to evaluate companies’ current and real value via objectively and independently. We also provide Valuation Services, in accordance to Capital Market Boards and International Valuation Standards, for Mergers, Acquisitions and Liquidations.

 Internal Control Service

This service that plays a significant role on success of the Companies includes reviewing of the internal control services’ efficiency and confidence and making recommendations to the management for solutions.

In details, our experts examine the Companies’ internal control service presence and functionality, and determine the vulnerability and fraud risk and suggest their solutions accurately and timely manner.

Due Diligence Service

This reporting service is prepared for a company that is considered for mergers and acquisitions to determine of positive and negative aspects of the business independently and objectively by our experts.

Financial Statement Analysis

This service consist financial statement analysis for using various fields according to requirements of businesses. In addition to this analysis includes sector comparison and financial ratio compatibility analysis also included.

Professional Training

Our professional training programs are conducted in two ways.

  • Specific training programs for business or individual.
  • Public Education Programs

Professional Trainings are given by academic people and our staffs who are expert in their fields.

Current Training Programs cover the following topics;

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): The Importance of all standards, descriptions and practical examples.
  • All Tax Topics: Changes in Tax Legislation and Training about changes that likely impact whole business.
  • Internal Audit Training: The contents of the internal control systems, internal audit criteria for the creation and application. This service also includes topics such as Corporate Governance, internal control systems, status determination, the current correction of misbehaviour and its solutions.


IAPA India International Conference 2010 will be meeting in October 24th-27th
Initial Public Offering Campaing
IFRS Standards for SME's was published by IASB
New Turkish Commercial Law was published.
IAPA Canada International Conference 2011 will be meeting in September 18th-22nd
IAPA India International Conference 2010 will be meeting in October 24th-27th
IAPA India International Conference 2010 will be meeting in October 24th-27th
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