Independent Audit performs significant  role on today’s business life for  Corporate Managers, interest groups and regulating institution due to qualifying international standards and providing accurate and reliable data.

In today’s globalised world, the economic development and growth process, increased the importance of independent audit that contains data in line with  international standards accurate and reliable financial information because of boost in funding requirements depending on rapidly increase on number of companies. Furthermore, decrease in profit margins of businesses caused by increase in global competition and experienced some financial crises urgently underline to significance of independent audit.

We believe that Comprehensive progress on International integration at Financial Markets in recent years contribute rapid development in every aspects of our economy as other countries.

Our company carries out its activities and its services with responsibility and awareness by using significant experience and knowledge, integrating itself rapidly over rapidly changing regulations and renewing its quality of services depending on business managers, partners and interest groups’ requirements. In this context, our company demonstrates its quality and trust by serving independent audit and valuation to numerous industry leader companies.

Instead of considering solely our audit and reporting service as obeying regulations and standards and giving report opinion, we also include educative and instructive function. In addition we present all aspects of contemporary approaches on independent audit.

As Güçbir, we continue our services by understanding fully, timely, accurate, and reliable information leads us to quality results in our business.

Yours Sincerely,

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Independent Audit
As a member of IAPA International, GÜÇBİR BAĞIMSIZ DENETİM A.Ş. can provide support in every subjects demanded by customers due to the global connection with over 230 professional firms and groups in 58 countries which are members of IAPA.

GÜÇBİR BAĞIMSIZ DENETİM A.Ş. service produces most appropriate solutions for companies’ requirements in almost every sector with great experienced teams and multi-faceted services. As is known today auditing in international standards require essential knowledge about economic conditions of the costumers’ market. This makes both possible to produce most suitable solution for costumer and to develop highest standard auditing. Our expert team of independent audit has sufficient knowledge and experience in almost every issue that companies may face in their business life.
As Güçbir, we present high standards, accurate, timely and objective solutions for our costumers’ expectations. The service we provide our customers with not only the audit service, we also assist on their business growth and development of objective view from outside the business and provide them business solutions with our high quality service. Our independent audit services are summarized as follows;

  • Independent Audit Service which is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Auditing Standards.
  • Independent Audit Service which is according to notification that published by Capital Markets Board (“CMB”) and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • All kinds of Supportive Services for companies which their shares going to Initially Public Offering (IPO)
  • Independent Audits of companies which are operating in the Energy Market.
  • Independent Audit Service for appropriate accepted accounting and reporting standards in the United States (U.S. GAAP)

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